I believe when we have a deep burning desire within us, it’s our calling to live out our purpose. Life is meant to be lived fully. If you hear this deep calling and don’t know how to start you have come to the right place.

I get it. I see you. I am here to help.

With the right roadmap you can get to where your soul belongs. Don’t be like the sailboat out to sea, not knowing how to get back to your harbor.

Learn the tools. Follow your inner guidance and sail home!


For years I climbed the corporate ladder as a research physicist. I learned a lot and my analytical skills come very handy now but I knew that I was meant for more. I learned early on that a healthy body (one that is properly nourished to heal and function well) is a must when you want to step into the fullness of who you are. Once your body is taken care of your heart will reveal your deepest desires to what truly fulfills you.

Ready to make yourself a priority and be the fullest expression of yourself?

Nourish. Dream. Be.


If you are ready to step up and take control but don’t know how to start then let’s set up a breakthrough session. During our 40 minutes together we will take a close look at where you are today, what you have tried in the past and how you see your future unfold.